Monday, November 19, 2012

Paul Bunyan November 2012 Steel Results

Hello everyone,

    Was a good day of shooting managed to stay dry for most of the day. I'm sure the weather kept some of you away but we had a fun with the heads up double elimination  tournament today.

Back to reg. match setup until the championships, hope to see you all next month.

Stock class:  1st-Will R,
                    2nd- Mike L.
                    3rd- Jeff S.

Carry class  1st- Will R.
                    2nd- Don T.
                    3rd- Ben L.

Revolver class- 1st- Will R,
                        2nd- Craig W.
                        3rd- Ron W.

Open Class- 1st- Will R,
                    2nd- Craig W,
                    3rd- Bob V.

Draw class- 1st- Mike L.
                   2nd-Will R.
                   3rd- Ron W.

Carbine- 1st- Dan M.
              2nd- Craig W.
              3rd- Don T.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all


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